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Adapt Quiver

Custom Bow Equipment

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Adapt to your surroundings with this ultra-versatile and compact 5 arrow quiver.

With massive vertical and horizontal adjustment options, the CBE® Adapt™ allows the hunter to create custom & compact containment. The rear facing arrow ensures quick access while the dovetail mount and hood loop allows for easy removal and storage. At just 9.5 ounces, the CBE Adapt features a lightweight yet sturdy design with full containment for both fixed and mechanical broadheads.
- 5 Arrow Gripper With One Rear Facing Arrow For Quick Access

- Dovetail Mount With Nearly 1” Of Additional Horizontal Adjustment; Spacers Included For Even Greater Adjustment

- 7.5” Of Vertical Adjustment

- Weighs Just 9.5 Oz. With Machined Aluminum Frame

- Brackets (Included) Allow Mounting to Either Sight or Riser

- Easily Remove & Hang With Dovetail Mount & Attached Hood Loop

- Accommodates Fixed & Mechanical Broadheads and All Arrow Diameters


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